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    The world's top 500 brands are on the list, and 33 brands of food and beverage are on the list.


    Among the newly released "World Top 500", Amazon, Google and Apple ranked in the top three, and 38 brands in China were selected. There are 33 brands in food and beverage.

    The 2018 (15th) World Brand Top 500 list, exclusively compiled by the World Brand Lab, was unveiled on December 18th in New York, USA.

    Thanks to artificial intelligence and big data technology, last year's third-placed Amazon (Amazon) ranked first this year, its third-quarter operating profit reached a 10-year high; Google (Google) outstanding performance in the driverless field, ranked first Second; Apple (Apple) retired to third.

    The "World Brand Top 500" is judged on the basis of the brand's world influence.

    The so-called Brand Influence refers to the ability of brands to open up markets, occupy markets and make profits. According to the three key indicators of brand influence, namely Market Share, Brand Loyalty and Global Leadership, the World Brand Lab has scored 20,000 well-known brands around the world. The 500 most influential brands in the world were finally launched.

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